Report: Phillies are pursuing Halladay

Posted by mattsmith on 12:11pm, Tuesday November 10th 2009

The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that Roy Halladay could be coming to Philadelphia.

The Phillies are “very much in the picture” because ”Philadelphia is into winning now, and Halladay fits that,” said one rival team executive, according to the report.

Here we go again...

Here we go again...

It is believed that the Blue Jays would not demand such a premium package considering Halladay is on the last year of his contract. A trade for Halladay would likely require stud  prospects Michael Taylor and Dominic Brown. Kyle Drabek remains untouchable, according to The Inquirer.

In addition to a top prospect (or two), J.A. Happ, Shane Victorino and Cole Hamels could also be discussed in trade talks.

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